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Posted by R3tronaut - 9 days ago

⭐In celebration of Gimmick!'s 30th Anniversary, I'm releasing a cover album!!⭐


⭐Features all the songs from the cult classic game (and then some), and will release on Youtube, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud!

⭐The album drops on JAN 31st, 2022!

⭐Hope yal enjoy!!⭐

Album cover "Yumetaro" drawings done by Poppy! https://fuckinpoppy.newgrounds.com

(Disclaimer that this OST album is a non-profit fan-made work, and that all rights based on "Gimmick!" belong to SUNSOFT. Original music also belonging to the wonderful and inspiring Masashi Kageyama.)



Posted by R3tronaut - September 4th, 2021

First off, THANKS. I'm very glad that my music here on Newgrounds has taken off at the rate it has, and I'm very grateful that I get to share my content with the rest of the site.

Second off, please check out and support WiSHMASTER: The OST. A lot of the reviews I've been getting on itch.io are extremely uplifting and supportive of the album. Even if you gave a few songs a listen, it'd mean a lot to me.

Lastly, new Gimmick cover! Short, but funky!



Posted by R3tronaut - August 29th, 2021

Guys, guys, I joined this jam where we had to make a space themed OST and they gave us a week to do it! So I went all out with this one and showcasing it here if yal are interested! I might post a few of the best songs here. Should I post all the songs on Newgrounds? Lemmie know what you think.



An OST about a bunny alien collecting Magic McGuffins in space!

Link to the itch.io page!

Link to the album on Soundcloud!

Support it on Bandcamp if you wanna!

Welcome to the universe of "WiSHMASTER", a colorful, adventurous OST about a young bunny-like alien named Juppi and his helpful star friend Starlyte, who travel the universe in search of Magic McGuffins! Along the way, they'll have to travel to different worlds and collect more McGuffins than the evil, cosmic mistress "Chaos"... Whoever collects enough McGuffins to summon the "WiSHMASTER" gets one wish... Who'll win this space race of cosmic proportions?? Find out and listen for yourself!!

The album has 21 tracks and over 35 min. of playtime. Tracks that I can't seem get out of my head anytime soon (bias given that I had to listen to them nonstop for a whole week and then some)!

This album was made for Lone Rabbit's "OST Composing Jam #2", and made over the span of one whole week (and a day)! It takes heavy inspiration from Sega MegaDrive, Super Nintendo, and Nintendo DS games and soundtracks, such as Kirby Super Star, Pokemon DPPt, Casltevania, and a little bit of Shantae! (Made In FL Studio 12)

SPECIAL THANKS: While I composed everything by myself, I've had technical assistance from my great chiptune friends Lethal Lisa and IsabelleChiming for the last half of the album's development. Without their help in quality export methods for soundfonts, this album would sound a lot different!

Hope you enjoy!



Posted by R3tronaut - August 2nd, 2021

Hey all! I know it's been a while, and I'm typing this out at 3 o' clock in the morning, but R3's still workin' on the Gimmick album cover!

I'm doing a thing for all the song titles and naming them differently based on how they feel in-game. For example:

"Paradigm", the sandy pyramid level, is getting renamed to "Dry Desert Paradigm!"

So far I've got 7 out of the planned 19 songs finished!

I'll try to keep yall posted. Uploading another finished song soon. Thanks for listening to my music! :D




Posted by R3tronaut - May 16th, 2021

Making this post to say two things!

First off, hello to all the new fans who like the music I make! I'm very glad to have you here and make me feel welcomed as a chiptune/video game composer on NG! I'm currently hard at work for a while with a couple of projects, one of which I plan to work on might be coming to Newgrounds in the future... If ever I feel like it, I might share some songs here that I'll pull over from my Soundcloud so you can listen to them here.

Secondly, I'm glad the Gimmick cover song blew up and got frontpaged for a time because I'm in the process of making a dedicated cover album of the whole OST! It'll be a daunting, fun task for sure, but I've got confidence I'm gonna finish this one by the end of the year. I'll post some occasional songs from the album here and there. Until then, thank you for listening to my stuff! There's more to come!




Posted by R3tronaut - January 28th, 2021

Hello new people! I'm glad you guys liked the music in UNITRES. Even though I only made 3 songs from the game, it was still a very fun project to work on.

Hopefully, I'll have more things to post here now that the game's gained some traction. I'm hoping to post more of my personal music projects (and maybe some simple art) here soon.

Thanks again for stopping by!